About Us


Our Mission

Since our humble beginnings in Mexico in 2004, and our return to Canada in 2015, we have focused on creating high quality, authentic Mexican products. To really offer Mexican food outside Mexico, you must understand the culture. Food is the one common denominator which does not hold back any social class. Regardless of your economic situation in Mexico, you all enjoy the same world class foods.


AUTHENTIC Mexican Food & Products

All to often, especially in Canada, many ¨Mexican Restaurants¨are not offering Mexican food at all. Our goal is to educate all, the difference between TexMex and Real Mexican Food and how to really enjoy it


Offering ONLY the Highest Quality

Authentic Mexican Food, ONLY uses high quality and fresh ingredients. Authentic Mexican food does NOT use rice and vegetables as fillers. Mexicans take price in their food, their ingredients, food is a social bond in Mexico


Making our products AFFORDABLE

Authentic Mexican Food is NOT expensive to make and TexMex, even less costly. Frequently, we have seen many Mexican, TexMex restaurants and food service companies inflate prices outrageously high compared to production cost